ARROAutism Family Holiday Assistance Project

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It can happen to anyone, and it can be tough having a family member with Autism. If you also have financial difficulties, then the holidays can be completely overwhelming. Sometimes, your family member with Autism does not understand, and there is no way to explain it to him or her. When that family member is a child, it can be even worse if there are siblings who are overwhelmingly disappointed too. The stress can literally overwhelm your family.

The Family Holiday Assistance Project

That’s where we come in. ARROAutism established this project in 2007 to assist families during the holidays. At the beginning, each family was individually evaluated, and the amount of assistance rendered was based on funds available, and on need.
By 2009 we realized that the need for assistance was far greater than initially realized, so the program was changed to provide a standard amount to each family identified by the county developmental disabilities programs. This has also helped us to reach many more families in need.

2007 : 2 Families Helped (special assistance)
2008 : Families Helped (special assistance)
2009 : 43 Families Helped with Gift Cards
2010 : 77 Families Helped with Gift Cards
2011 : 42 Families Helped with Gift Cards
2012 : 20 Families Helped with Gift Cards Plus Donations of Toys
2013 : 52 Families Helped with Gift Cards Plus Donations of Toys
2014 : _____ Goal : 75 Families

With your help, we can achieve our goal to help every Autism family in Oregon who needs help during the holidays.

How Families are Selected

Families are nominated by their County Developmental Disabilities Program Case Manager.

County Adults Children Total In Need
Multnomah County 645 719 1364
Washington County 141 259 400

Selected families are then given two gift cards; one from Fred Meyer’s to allow a variety of purchases, and one from New Seasons Markets to allow the purchase of quality holiday foods.

The number of families receiving these cards will depend on the amount of funding raised. All families selected will have one or more members with some form of Autism.

Make a Difference

Our families need your help! Please donate today so that we can make their holiday brighter!

All donations are gratefully accepted no matter what the amount is. Please make your donation today!

Donate with Paypal
Support the ARROAutism Holiday Assistance Project via Paypal
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