Bernard Rimland, PhD

Dr Bernard Rimland was a friend to us in every way possible. He was the first psychologist I ever met who actually understood what my son was going through. He was the first professional I met who really agreed with me that autism is a medical problem. He was the first person to encourage me that I could actually make a difference in my son’s future.

Dr. Rimland helped found the Autism Society or America to get information to  families. He founded the Autism Research Institute to provide researchers and families with support for their belief that the cause of autism can be discovered.

Dr. Rimland helped numerous small organizations, like ours, by working with local people to organize their community and advocate for the children and adults with autism.

There are so many more reasons that Dr. Rimland was, is, and will continue to be important to every person, and family, with autism. To read more about Dr. Rimland, go to the ARI website and read his tributes page:

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