ARRO’s Mission

The Autism Research & Resources of Oregon (ARRO) will produce and promote a center of excellence in the field of autism research and services in the state of Oregon. This center will be known as the Oregon Autism Research & Services Center. This Center will have as the core value nurturing of individuals and families of individuals with autism so that they may contribute as appropriate at the level and the time when they are ready to contribute.

The six thrusts of the center are:

  1. Medicine; research and clinical services
  2. Education; research and direct services
  3. Interventions and therapies, evaluation and development
  4. Vocational training, on site and off site services
  5. Social skills training for the individuals with autism of all ages
  6. Services; the identification of and coordination with existing agencies, and development of new programs that benefit both the individuals with autism and their families.

The Oregon Autism Research & Services Center will:

  1. Be a physical place.
  2. Work with autism and autism like disorders such as Asperger Syndrome and Pervasive Developmental Disorders.
  3. Work with individuals with autism of all ages and their families.
  4. Have multidisciplinary research which includes medical, educational, psychological, social services, and/or vocational training aspects.
  5. A scientific think tank for cutting edge research into interventions, therapies, treatments and causes of autism
  6. Promote the inclusion of individuals with autism in their families and communities.
  7. Help families assist each other by encouraging grassroots and family driven programs.
  8. Create ongoing relationships with businesses, schools, and community service agencies to develop skills so that these individuals can be contributing employees and citizens.
  9. Verify all projects and programs using scientific research methodologies and documentation.
  10. Develop best practices paradigms for all projects undertaken.
  11. Develop anchor tenants and partners:
    – house and partner with a medical/dental clinic
    – house an alternative school with model classrooms that will develop and demonstrate best practices
    – partner with local universities to provide training prototypes and practicums for future professionals in field addressing these disorders.
    – house and partner small business to encourage the development of vocational training opportunities.
  12. Rent or provide office space and meeting places for autism related organizations (both non-profit and for profit) and agencies; such as Autism Society of Oregon, Project PACE, Center for the Study of Autism, Autistic Children’s Activity Program, Inc., county developmental disabilities program offices, etc.
  13. Do co-ventures with off-site businesses to provide vocational training and employment opportunities.
  14. Provide a place that fosters and advances the existence and development of multidisciplinary model programs and services.
  15. Do what is required for the person with autism to make the maximum recovery from autism; not the minimum required by law or allowed by insurance companies. Help the person with autism lead their lives to the fullest measure possible. Help the families of people with autism lead full lives, not lives overcome by the existence of autism in their family member.
  16. Be a place where professionals, families, and individuals with autism can work, interact, recreate, and play together; and feel secure so they may learn and grow.

About Autism Research and Resources of Oregon

Autism Research and Resources of Oregon is a 501(c)(3) Not for Profit Organization Dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families with Autism by bringing resources together under one roof.
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