Sensory Processing Disorders Connect Portland

Who is SPDConnect?

SPDConnect was created by the mother of a young girl with sensory processing difficulties. Like many, Teresa found it incredibly hard to know what kind of help her daughter needed, and then, where to find it.

Time, and time again she heard the question “Where do I find …….. for my child.” She thought, “It just shouldn’t be this hard to find help for our sensory kids.”

In response, she co-founded a local support group and messageboard, and has been an avid lurker and “sometimes contributor” to many messageboards. She has also started (along with some other rocking ladies), a Sensory Seminar Series – a free monthly series bringing in experts to help families find solutions to sensory challenges.

And, so SPDconnect was born (December 2010).


Teresa’s mission and passion is to help families find the help they need for their sensory child – no matter what the diagnosis. There are so many great people, places and therapies that help kids with sensory challenges “hidden in plain sight” – let’s shine a big ‘ol light on them!

The full scoop

To get the full scoop, visit the SPDConnect Web Site at

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