Westside Family and Community Center

In July/August of 2010, Autism Research and Resources of Oregon embarked on a 3 year project known as the ARROAutism Westside Family and Community Center. The purpose of this satellite location was to determine the feasibility and needs of a community center that specifically addressed the needs and interests of the Autism community. The center was located at 2360 SW 170th Ave in Beaverton, Oregon, and, during its 3 year run hosted a wide variety of events including fitness, finances, arts, social groups, Autism Research presentations, the area’s first Autism Dads and Men’s group and much more. (Check out some of the past events at the center.)

ARRO Westside Family Center viewed from NorthThis space was a major milestone towards producing and promoting a center of excellence in the field of Autism research and services in the state of Oregon. Our ultimate goal is a center known as the Oregon Autism Research & Services Center. This Center will have as the core value nurturing of individuals and families of individuals with autism so that they may contribute as appropriate at the level and the time when they are ready to contribute.

ARRO Westside Family Center viewed from SouthClosing Oregon’s first Autism Community Center in August of 2013 has definitely been a sad moment for us. We will now evaluate everything we have learned during this three year project with the intent of opening a new and improved center in a new location, at some point in the future.

Until then, we will continue with our other successful projects, including the annual Family Holiday Assistance Project, various lectures and activities, Autism Research, and the development of resources intended to assist the local Autism Community in making the connections they need.

Finally, thank you to everyone who participated, contributed, and especially to those who volunteered their time at the ARROAutism Westside Family and Community Center during its three year run. All of you are the reason we began this project, and your participation has been truly inspirational.