Jonathan Chase – Autism Speaker

Jonathan Chase in suit and red tie

Jonathan Chase

Jonathan Chase is an adult with Asperger’s Syndrome living in Portland, Oregon.  For over ten years he has worked as a professional musician and now splits his time between music and advocacy work for the Autism community. Amongst his various activities, Jonathan :

  • is a sitting member on the Autism Society of Oregon’s board of directors and chairs the Adult Services subcommittee.
  • is the first person with ASD to serve on the ASO board.
  • works with the Portland Autism Group
  • works with the Oregon Commission on ASD (Transition Subcommittee)
  • was featured in the film “On The Spectrum” by local filmmaker Jeff Grinta.
  • Hosted a 2009 forum for parents (a DVD is available through the Autism Society of Oregon (ASO)
  • Provides services as a personal advocate to assist families through the IEP process.
  • Presented “Navigating High School Transition” in 2010 at the ARRO Westside Center


Jonathan chase offer his services as a speaker, sharing a story of overcoming adversity in school through self advocacy.  He speak to parents, teachers, and both children and adults with ASD.  His focus is on self advocacy and awareness, problem solving, lowering daily stress in school, and getting outside the “bubble” to try new things and develop the skills necessary to thrive not only in school but in adult life as well.  His goal is to offer perspective as someone who has been there and understands, whether it’s helping a teacher or councilor to understand a student, or offering new ideas to a support group.


To contact Jonathan Chase, please visit his web site at  :

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