Autism Research Fair – July 23rd, 2011

An ARRO Autism Westside Family and Community Center Event

Yes You Can change the course of Autism!

You know that Autism research is happening. You’ve wondered what it is. You’ve even thought about getting involved. And all that wondering has left you with questions. Wonder no longer. On July 23rd Autism Research and Resources of Oregon will host a variety of local Autism researchers, giving you an opportunity to learn about their research, and get involved. Through your participation, YOU can change the course of autism!

Date :

July 23rd, 2011 (Saturday)

Time :

1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Location :

ARRO Westside Family and Community Center

Cost :

Free (donations welcome)

Researchers :

E. Gene Stubbs, MD

Autism Researcher E Gene Stubbs MD Vitamin DAssociate Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry and Pediatrics (Oregon Health and Sciences University, Portland, Oregon), Dr. Stubbs is currently engaged in a “Study of the use of Vitamin D to prevent Autism in newborn siblings” based out of the EverGreen Center in Oregon City.

Jan Van Santen Ph.D

Autism Researcher Jan Van Santen PhD Director CSLUDirector and Professor of Oregon Health and Science University’s “Center for Spoken Language and Understanding,” Dr. van Santen’s current research interests are focused on a broad range of problems in speech and language technology, with special emphasis on basic and applied speech and language technology research for communication disorders.

Lois M. Black, Ph.D

Autism Researcher Lois Black PhD Senior Scientist CSLUResearch Professor at Oregon Health and Science University’s “Center for Spoken Language and Understanding,” Dr. Black’s current research includes “A Computerized Interactive Game for Remediation of Prosody in Children with Autism,” and “Detection of Autism in Infants.”

Alison Presmanes Hill, Ph.D

Senior Research Associate at Oregon Health and Science University’s Center for Spoken Language and Understanding, Dr. Hill is currently engaged in a variety of projects including the Early Detection of Autism In High-Risk Siblings.

Jean-Baptiste Roullet, Ph.D

Autism Researcher Jean Baptiste Roullet PhD OHSUResearch Associate Professor and Manager of the Pediatrics Research Laboratories at Oregon Health and Science University (Portland, Oregon), Dr. Roullet’s current research interests include rare diseases caused by disorders of the sterol and isoprenoid pathway, autism and stem cell research.

More Researchers Joining

We are still reaching out to Autism Researchers in the area, so stay tuned for more information about those researchers, and join us at the Research Fair to learn more!

If you are a researcher interested in joining us at this research fair, please contact us today!

Printable Flyer ARROAutism Research Fair 23 July 2011

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