Synthetic Vitamins vs 100 percent plant based vitamins for Autistic children


Bring your current vitamin bottle and compare and learn more about your vitamins.

Date :

5 May 2012 (Saturday)

Time :

5:30 pm

Location :

ARROAutism Westside Family and Community Center

Cost :

$10 Suggested Donation

Registration :

You can register using any one of these methods:

Speakers :

Tony and Heather Gendvilas Presenting at ARROAutism WestsideTony and Heather Gendvilas operate a mini farm in Oregon City that specializes in the sale of whole raw milk. Tony was raised in Phoenix Arizona and moved to Oregon in 1980 to complete his Optometry degree graduating in 1984. He is a self-employed Optometrist operating multiple offices. Heather Gendvilas graduated from Santa Clara University with a double major in Political Science and French. They have been married for 23 years, and have four children between the ages of 12 and 21. Tony and Heather have always had an interest in nutrition and integrative approaches to wellness. In 2005 they were introduced to Mannatech, a nutraceutical research and development company, whose products have profoundly impacted the state of wellness of their family. Now their passion is to share information about nutrition and wellness with others, and to see their quality of life change through improved nutritional and lifestyle choices.


Nutrients are vital building materials used in constructing the cells in our body and the metabolic functions of those cells. 95% of the supplements available have either synthetic or inorganic nutrients. Come to find out how synthetic vitamins are manufactured, why plant sourced nutrients are utilized better in the body and how you can read and understand what is on a supplement label. By the end of the class you will confidently know whether you want to be consuming a supplement based on the facts and not solely on the marketing information.

Our focus will be mainly on autism but it is good for all people, children and adults.

We can only hold 50 people so make your RSVP now.

Bring your current vitamin bottle and compare and learn more about your vitamins.

At 5:30 we will have a small potluck so feel free to bring some healthy snacks as that is our focus and shortly after we will have our presentation comparing the two.

About Dan Yedinak

Dan Yedinak is an Information Technology consultant, volunteer Web Administrator for the Autism Research and Resources of Oregon, and an Autism Advocate.
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