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Tony and Heather Gendvilas Presenting at ARROAutism Westside

Synthetic Vitamins vs 100 percent plant based vitamins for Autistic children

Introduction Bring your current vitamin bottle and compare and learn more about your vitamins. Date : 5 May 2012 (Saturday) Time : 5:30 pm Location : ARROAutism Westside Family and Community Center Cost : $10 Suggested Donation Registration : You … Continue reading ?[read more…]
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Men and Dads of Autism Dad’s Group BBQ on May 6th

Introduction:  Autism Dads and Men who get it! We know that they lick We know that they kick We know that they look away We get the different ways they tick We know that Dads are different too And we’re … Continue reading ? [read more…]

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Megan MacDonald  Assistant Professor, Movement Studies in Disability

A Movement Intervention for Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Who: Oregon State University School of Biological and Population Health Sciences Movement Studies in Disability Purpose: To understand the benefits of an 8-week movement program for young children with autism. Description of study: Through a randomized control trial of a … Continue reading ? [read more…]

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Thanks to everyone who joined us at Sean’s Run from Autism 2012

Sean’s Run from Autism is the single most important fundraising event for the Autism Research and Resources of Oregon to be able to continue it mission of providing resources to the Autism Community. Those resources are many, and include the … Continue reading ? [read more…]

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